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Join the field study in WP

Nord University offers field study opportunities to improve bird identificationin the WP. You will have the possibility to join three gatherings, one in Morocco (Atlas mountains and Sahara desert), one in Bulgaria (east and south) and one in Norway (north - Pasvik and Varanger). The main content will be how to recognize the birds from their sounds (mostly song) and appearance. You will be guided to the best areas by one local guide (in most areas) and one or two guides from Nord University. The costs will be as low as possible, and you pay only for yourself and not for the guides. The language will be English, and perhaps other languages the guides are able to use.
A. You apply for one or both exams (appearance WP and sound WP) without applying for the gatherings. Both exams gives 30 study credits.
B. You apply for the gatherings and join the ones you want. You need to complete the exams before you can join the gatherings.


How to apply:

For exams go to your user page and under "Exams"click  Apply for exam.

To apply for the gatherings, go to your user page and under "Study"click Apply for birdID in WP (requires completed exams).

More practical information
    • To profit from the teaching and all the birds you will observe in these bird-rich areas, you need to have som basic skills. Therefore we require that you take the exam for the WP on this website. You have to obtain at least 24 points out of 60 in bird appearance, and at least 19 point out of 60 in bird sounds. Go to Register for the exam.
    • Everyone that passes the exam will receive a free birdid t-shirt
    • After the exam you can apply for the trips and choose which year you want to join them. 
    • The students are given admission to the field study according to the date of application.There is no deadline for sending application, but we will go through the list of applications about five months before the trip starts.
    • You will get feedback from Nord University four months before the trip starts. If someone don't want to go, this spare place will go to the next on the list. Therefore it might take a little bit longer time to get feedback for some of you. When the group is full, the other applicants will get feedback from Nord University with information, and a question if they want to be on the list for the next year.
    • Don't book your flights before being explicitly told that you can do so.
    • If you are given admission to a trip, you will have to pay the costs for overnight stops and car rental. You will find more details about the costs for each area further down. There will be no tax to join this field study, except for a smaller tax only for the Norwegian students.
    • You have to book and pay for the transport from where you live to the starting place on your own, and from the end point back home again.
    • If you are able to join the field course, you will receive detailed information needed for the studies
    • There will be a maximum of 10 students in each gathering, and most of the time two guides.
    • If you want to go on the same trip twice you will have to pay double price (It's still very cheap). This is because of the way we are funded.
    • Insurance: Nord University have no insurance for the students. That means each student have to ensure that they have their private insurance needed for themselves and the equipment.
Information about the destinations:
1. Morocco - Atlas mountains and Sahara desert:  6th - 14th of March 2019
2. Bulgaria - South East and Black Sea :  25th of April - 4th of May 2019
3. Norway - North-East: Pasvik and Varanger : 14 - 20th of June 2019
Sami : Lule sami
Sami : North sami
Sami : South sami
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