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Bulgaria: Practical information

Start and end of the BirdID field study in Bulgaria
The trip will start in Sofia. The guide is happy to help and respond to any questions you may have. Once the flight details of the participants are known they can discuss their travel details with the guide. The trip ends in Sofia. However if people have flights from other airports they can be dropped off in Varna (the closest town to the Bourgas airport) or Sofia and then travel to Plovdiv. Please note that you might not be able to make it to your flight on the last day unless it is late in the evening.
Costs for the study
You need to book and pay for the flights yourself. The study is free of charge, but you will have to pay the costs for the rental vehicle and for the accommodation in advance. We will use a van when we are all together. The accommodation is of variable standard but generally in two or three star hotels. The places are clean and with hot water and really nice people.
The price for the whole trip is only 150 EUR with a single room supplement 100 EUR. If you are willing to take part in the training for a second time, the price is double - 300 EUR.The price includes local transport and accommodation, breakfast and dinner. The costs for the trip are sponsored by Nord University for the moment.
Lunch is not included and you have to buy your own which is rather cheap. To be comfortable during the long birdwatching days you should provide your own supplies with water, juice and other liquids. 
After we have received your application with the necessary information, you will be contacted by us. You will receive a bill from us for main participation fee only. After you have paid, you will become a participant on the gathering in your chosen year.
All the contact with you will thereafter be by e-mail.
Your contact person is magne.husby[at]
General information
  • Climate: Can vary between 5-30 oC. Rain and wind can make it rather cold, but mostly the weather will be reasonable. Take clothes for all possibilities. Bags are easier to manage in the vehicles than suitcases.
  • The bed linen will be provided at the hotels.
  • Time: GMT + 2 hours. In May we will be on summertime.
  • Currency: 2 LEV (BGN) = 1 Euro (approximately). You will need some cash for food and drinks because credit card facilities may not be available at the hotels in remote places. However, we shall be passing by cash machines daily, so you will be able to withdraw cash if needed. Most credit cards are accepted.
  • Electricity: 220V only. Look on the Internet to find the plug design. Adapters can be bought.
  • Driving: Main roads are very good, but others are of varying standard. Driving on the right side.
  • Cyrillic alphabet, but also Roman letters along main roads, at the airport and some other places.
  • Sunrise around 6 am. Sunset around 9 pm.
  • People speak Bulgarian. English is spoken at touristic areas.
  • Criminality: Not much, but valuables should be removed from the vehicles or hidden if we move far from the vehicle.
  • Restaurant tip is usually 5-10%, or at least that you round up.
What to bring with you
  • Telescope
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Bird book
  • Note book
  • Passport (no Visa is needed)
  • Driving license? We will use minibus on the excursion
  • Clothes (see General information)
  • Toiletries, including sun protection and mosquito repellent (not a big problem)
  • Insurance for travel and health (you are not insured by Nord University)

Come and join us for fantastic experience of Bulgarian wilderness with us here.

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