Foreign students program

We are in the process of restructuring our foreign students program, and will build new web-pages. For the moment the following rules apply:

If you are from an English speaking country or from Sweden, Denmark or Finland, then you can sign up for the national exam for your own country which, when completed and passed, will give you access to the WP (Western Palearctic) exams which then qualifies you for participation on our sponsored excursionsin Norway (Finnmark), Morocco and Bulgaria. The exams and tests are free of charge. We do not give study credits for the national exams of foreign students, only for the WP exam. Please send required documentation to at the same time as signing up for the test, with "BirdID informal" as the subject line.

If you are from a different country then, in addition to the requirements above, you must also document your English skills. For more details see here.

NOTE: If you previously have been accepted as a student by us, then you are exempt from this rules, and are free to complete further exams if you wish without sending additional documentation.