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To find the syllabus for your exam, please click the appropriate country on the map on the front page. You may use BirdID's birdguide as litterature, but please note that it does not yet cover the whole of Western-Palearctic. We recommend an additional bird guide for that, for example Collins Bird Guide (Svensson, Mullarney, Zetterstrom) or the equivalent in your language.


New: From 2019 and onwards, you need to first pass the national exam for images or sound before you can take the corresponding exam for The Western Palearctic (national sound before WP sound, and national images before WP images).  Due to changes in the University's foreign student policies, we are forced to put exam application from foreign students on hold for now. This applies to all non-Norwegian citizens. You will be notified by email when/if we are able to resolve the issue, but at the moment we cannot say how long this will take. You can read more about this here. NOTE: If you previously have been accepted as a student by us, then you are exempt from this rule.

You can sign up for the exam at your user page by pressing "Apply for exam". Remember that you have only 3 lifetime attempts for each exam. Your personal information will be held securely and be kept confidential from all other participants and users. After applying, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Applications after 1st of May in the spring termand after 1st of November in the autumn term, will not be processed until the next/following term.
After registering, according to Norwegian government rules, you must meet at least ONE of the following two requirements, in order to be approved for the exams:

* You must have completed upper secondary school. Send proof of your exams from upper secondary school, or proof that you have taken at least one exam from university/college.


* You must be at least 25 years old and have 5 years of work experience (more info in Norwegian).
Please send the written documentation (photocopies are accepted) in the original language (or in English), of one of these two requirements. You also need to send a copy of your passport (national ID-card from EU/ EØS- or EFTA also accepted). This is needed to be accepted as foreign student. Send all to : in scanned pdf, or by regular post to:

Nord universitet avdeling Levanger
PB 93
N-7601 Levanger
Please note : Citizens outside of Norway take the exam for free!

After 10-21 workdays (if your documentation is approved) you will receive an approval for the exam by email. NB: Remember to check your spam folder! After logging in go to your profile page : and you can start, or see the status of your exams under "Study".

AFTER you have been approved, you must pass 10 sessions of "Exam mode" with a result of 40% or better, before you can start the exam. This will get you up to level, and prepare you for how the exam works. The exam works the same way as exam mode.
NOTE: We do not recommend taking the exam on mobile devices without a physical keyboard (for iOs devices there is also further technical issues)!
Always test the quiz in exam mode on your device, to see if it works like it should. If there is problems, then please use a different device to take the exam.

Images/appearance exam: Start writing the name of the bird, and it will be autoselected as your answer. You can write scientific species name or your chosen language species name in the same exam. There is NO multiple choice for images exam.
Sounds exam: You answer by multiple choice.

IMPORTANT: When you pass your 10th "Exam mode" excercise, your approved exam will be activated. It must then be completed within 10 days. (Note: if you have prevously passed an exam, then the 10 days will start running when your application is approved and you receive the approval email)

If you wish to do the exam at a particular date, you can choose to complete the 10th exam mode just before that date. This will activate the exam and give you 10 days to complete it. All exams must be completed before the 1st of June in the spring term, and before the 1st of December in the autumn term, or you will have to apply again.
NB: Wrong answer gives -1 point. It may be smarter to answer "don`t know" than to guess!

When you register you can choose one or both tests (pictures and/or sounds). You can achieve a maximum of 60 study credits in bird identification for birds in the Western Palearctic (30 for bird calls and 30 for appearance). 30 study credits correspond to half a year of full-time studies. Your result will be sent to you in English. The results from the exam will obviously remain strictly confidential and will only be passed on to you at the provided address. In Norway, study credits for the exam in BirdID are used as part of both Bachelor and Master studies at universities and university colleges.
You have three attempts on each exam (3 for national sounds, 3 for national images, 3 for WP sounds and 3 for WP appearance) and you have to wait three months between each attempt. If you have received the approval and have not completed the exam, it is counted as one attempt.




  Western Palearctic National
Grade Pictures Sound Pictures Sound
A 56 55 56 56
B 48 46 48 48
C 40 37 40 40
D 32 28 32 32
E 24 19 24 24
F <24 <19 <24 <24


If you pass at least one of the exams, you will receive a t-shirt with the BirdID logo, free of charge. Please fill in the information concerning your sex and size when you register for the test.

Sami : Lule sami
Sami : North sami
Sami : South sami
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