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Every exercise has 5 to 15 questions, and you can register to be placed on a results list. A correct answer gives 1 point, \"do not know\" gives 0 points and a wrong answer gives -1 point. There are five alternatives for each question, and this should motivate you to use a field guide.

Level 1 is the easiest, and the questions are gradually more difficult up to level 3, which is quite demanding. You may choose 30 seconds or unlimited time witch gives you an opportunity to look into a field guide to learn more.

If you right-click on the picture you can zoom in to see the details better. The pictures are provided for this project by different photographers from Norway. They are protected by copyright, and misuse is prohibited. The pictures may be used in this project only. You can also send us your own pictures (1024 pixels on the longest side), and can place your name, logo etc discretely on the picture for promotion.


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