Training Quiz - information

You can choose between a 'Beginners Quiz', 'Bird Images Training Quiz' or 'Bird Sounds Training Quiz' for every European county and for the Western Palearctic. The Beginners Quiz consists of a selection of pictures with sound of the commonest birds in Europe. If you find this quiz too easy, you can choose any of the other training quizzes. Every quiz allows you to choose 10, 20 or 30 questions, and gives you a choice of 20 seconds or unlimited time to decide your answer. When you've done your training quiz you can register your score and it will be placed on the results list, if you wish.

A correct answer earns 1 point, a 'don't know' 0 points and a wrong answer earns -1 point. There are five alternatives for each question, and this should motivate you to use a bird book to study similar/confusion species.  

There are four levels of difficulity. Level 1 covers the most common birds, level 2 includes more species, level 3 quizzes are equivalent to the exam for each country and for Western Palearctic. Level 4 quizzes contain all the species registered in your chosen country and the Western Palearctic.

Which species are featured in each of the different levels is decided by which country you have chosen. Full species lists for level 3 (exam) for the different regions are found on the front page by clicking the map.

Use the cursor on the photographs to zoom into details on the pictures.

In the "Several singing birds" quiz there will often be additional species in the background. By looking at the field "Media id" you can see how many species you are expected to check in the list (always 2 or 3). Then answer the 2 or 3 loudest species.

The pictures are provided for this project by photographers from different countries. All rights are preserved by the photographers, except where otherwise noted. The pictures may be used in this project only. You can donate your own photos to the project if you like.



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