About us

Nord-Trøndelag University College/Nord University has created this website under the direction of Magne Husby. The work started in 2007 and the website was opened to the public in 2011 and a new version in 2013. It will continue as a work in progress.
Ideas and feedback in this work have been received from Terje Kolaas (Naturspesialisten), BirdLife Norway, Hemb Studios, EBCC, BirdLife International European division, BTO, and Artsdatabanken. In addition the website has been presented to BirdLife partners in the different joining countries. They have also given feedback to the website and supplied information about the birds and completed translations. This Pan European Website is therefore created in cooperation with the whole of Europe!


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People working with the bird pages:
Magne Husby (leader)
Audun Eriksen
Boris Belchev www.alcedowildlife.com

People working with the mammal pages:
Jon Arve Husby
Magne Husby (leader)

People working with the track pages:
Jon Arve Husby
Magne Husby (leader)

People who have provided a minimum of 500 pictures to the website:
Boris Belchev www.alcedowildlife.com/
Māris Strazds http://www.putnubildes.lv/
Terje Kolaas www.naturspesialisten.no/
Eddy Vaes
Magne Husby
Tom Roger Østerås
Jon Helle
Audun Eriksen
Eli Gates
Harald Dahlby
More than 200 different photographers have given us pictures!

People/organizations who have provided bird sounds to the website:
Opplev naturen www.opplevnaturen.no
Alosa www.sonidosdelanaturaleza.com
Institut Catala d'ornitologia www.ornitologia.org
Xeno-canto www.xeno-canto.org


People having major tasks in the Birdid field studies in WP:
Boris Belchev www.alcedowildlife.com
Magne Husby (leader)
Iordan Hristov www.NatureMonitoring.com
Terje Kolaas www.naturspesialisten.no
Audun Eriksen
Tom Roger Østerås
Tore Reinsborg

Bird names sources:

IOC list: Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds). 2018. IOC World Bird List (v8.1). doi :  10.14344/IOC.ML.8.1.

Clements checklist 2015.

Status for the different countries:

Country Agreement Comments Field studies run by Nord University
Albania Albanian Ornithological Society and PPNEA Open for public Started 2018
Andorra   Catalan language OK  
Armenia ASPB Open for public  
Austria Birdlife Austria
Open for public  
Belgium Birdlife Belgium - Wallonia Open for public  
Bosnia & Herzegovina      
Bulgaria BSPB Open for public Started 2013
Croatia Association BIOM Open for public Started 2016
Cyprus      Plan to start in 2020
Czech republic CSO    Will start in 2019
Denmark DOF Open for public  
Finland BirdLife Finland - BLF Open for public  
France   French language OK  
Georgia SABUKO - Society for Nature Conservation Open for public  
Germany Bavarian Environment Agency – Protection of Birds Open for public  
Greece      Will start in 2019
Ireland   English language OK  
Italy CISO ONLUS Open for public  
Latvia LOB Open for public Started 2014
Lithuania LOD Open for public Started 2015
Luxembourg   French and German transl.  
Macedonia MES Open for public  
Moldova MEM Published
 Will start in 2019
Netherlands SOVON Open for public  
Norway NOF Open for public Started 2006
Portugal SPEA Open for public  
Romania SOR & Milvus group Open for public  Will start in 2019
Russia Central Forest Birdwatching Moscow / Faculty of biology Lomonosov Moscow State University  

Started 2017

Russia Baltic     Will start in 2019
Russia Central Steppe

Will start in 2019


Agency BIORAZ and BPSSS Open for public Started 2014
Spain ICA Open for public in Catalan  
Sweden SOF Open for public  
UK BTO Open for public  
Ukraine WUOS Open for public Started 2017