Greater Spotted Eagle (Clanga clanga)


Medium sized eagle with long, evenly broad wings and relatively short tail. Easily confused with Lesser Spotted Eagle, Clanga pomarina. Flight feathers usually paler than the dark coverts, and head and body same colour as wings. Only diffuse pale patch at base of primaries on upper wing (marked in C. pomarina). Pale base of primaries shows as "comma", but usually lacks pale base of under primary coverts, contrary to C. pomarina. Broader wings than C. pomarina, and the squarish wing-shape, short neck and tail recalls White-tailed Eagle (H. albicilla). U-shaped white patch at base of tail. Immature birds even darker than adults, and show white spots along upper wing coverts in two narrow bands. Very long "fingers" overall, and elongated 7th primary. Soars and glides on horizontal wings with drooping hand (as C. pomarina). Bill obviously heavier than C. pomarina, and yellow base and gular region stands out. Round nostrils.


Vocal at breeding ground, and when courting. Short, barking, high-pitched whistles, not unlike a small dog. Slightly lower pitched than C. pomarina and with a fuller tone, but very similar.


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CC-photo:Ronald Bontrop, Licence,Link.

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