Bonelli's Eagle (Aquila fasciata)


Medium sized eagle with long wings and tail. Pale base of outermost primaries in all plumages (lacking in Booted Eagle). Adults easily identified by dark greater coverts forming mid wing band on underwing, in combination with pale body and pale lesser coverts (variable). Tail clear cut (but not as pointed corners as in Booted Eagle) with broad terminal band. Back with diagnostic white patch (variable). Immature told from dark and medium morph of Booted Eagle by pale base of outer primaries, narrowly and evenly barred tail (bands reaching outer edge). The species show less fingered wings than many congeners, and long tail combined with small head may recall Honey Buzzard. Characteristic gliding profile with projected carpal joints and straight trailing edge of wing. Slight S-shape to trailing edge of wing when soaring. Flight agile and falcon-like.


Not very vocal, but may call at breeding ground. Commonest call a sharp, gull-like "kleeee", beginning with marked register-break followed by drawn-out note with fairly stable pitch, unlike most congeners.


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