Marsh Sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis)


Small, but tall and elegant Tringa. Body the size of Wood Sandpiper, but stands as tall as Greenshank. Tibia especially long. The needle-like, straight bill adds to the elegance. Pale face, especially at base of bill. Back grey in adults, with star-shaped speckles in summer and narrow, pale fringes in winter. Immatures with broader fringes and overall darker upperparts. In flight the long legs trails far behind the tail, and the narrow white wedge on the back is conspicuous. Wings are dark with no bars, and shows as the darkest part of the bird also when on ground (especially in adults). Surprisingly quick and easy take-off. Posture generally erect and tall, particularly when nervous.


Song a slow, melancholic whistle "tu-lee-uu", with the middle part highest in pitch (and with falling glissando). Similar to Spotted Redshank in structure, but with a clear tone (little risk of confusion). Flight call/contact call similar to singular instances of alarm call of Redshank, consisting of a single note rising abruptly in pitch in a split second and then falling; "kieew". Lingers a bit at the ending of the note, giving it a clearer glissando than in Redshank.

Contact call:

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CC-photo:Wouter Van Gasse, Licence,Link.

CC-photo:Derek Keats, Licence,Link.

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